At The Lady Advisor, financial wellness is what we do, and it involves a multidisciplinary approach and a multitude of comprehensive services. We work hard to help remove the fear of you outliving your money in retirement and create plans to assuage monetary stresses as we journey together toward your financial security. Our relationship is a partnership, and it involves both of us taking responsibility and employing actionable strategies. 


  • Pushing a product rather than having your financial goals as the top priority 
  • Unnecessarily complex charts and graphs that are irrelevant to your situation
  • Confusing fee-based plans, commissions, and high fees
  • Cookie-cutter portfolio strategies and generic investment plans

“It’s time to change the outdated impersonal approach to retirement planning” – Ilkay Sepulveda


Entering retirement without a plan is similar to going on vacation without a detailed itinerary.  You simply wouldn’t do it.  Most of us spend countless hours mapping out the perfect vacation, and it only lasts about a week.  At The Lady Advisor, we have seen many situations where a fraction of that time was spent planning for something as significant as retirement.  We understand why because this can be a daunting task, and we are here to help.  We can expect to spend 20 years or more in retirement. That’s why at The Lady Advisor, we start with the most crucial step first, which is the plan. 

We at The Lady Advisor provide our clients with a comprehensive financial plan that gives them a clear strategy on how to achieve their retirement and financial goals.   A comprehensive Financial Plan is a document that connects today, the here and now, with where you want to be in the future. We view the plan as your retirement roadmap. The most effective plans consider details that go way beyond what most financial advisor’s template plans allow.   It should be a personalized and relevant document specific to your situation and connects with what matters most to you with your financial resources.