Insurance is about managing your risk. At The Lady Advisor, we provide guidance and education as to how to manage your risks, protect your assets and become more tax efficient. We create a solid insurance strategy so you can better be protected from financial consequences stemming from life events. And, we identify guaranteed investment products that offer additional investment opportunities. Our insurance product options include the following:


  • Term Life
    This “temporary” life insurance plan typically covers a period of 10, 20 or even 30 years and offers the lowest premiums.
  • Whole Life
    This more “permanent” life insurance offers a living benefit ,and an accrual of the policy’s cash value can be borrowed against or withdrawn. 
  • Universal Life
    A second type of “permanent” life insurance, Universal policies offer flexible premiums and savings elements that can increase cash value.
  • Equity-Indexed Universal Life
    As the name suggests, the accumulation values of this type of “permanent” life insurance are tied to a stock market index.


While annuities have often been maligned or misrepresented, in the much experience and capable hands of The Lady Advisor, these insurance products can be just what you need to help support your financial goals. 

  • Fixed Annuity
    This type of annuity contract guarantees a rate of return without risk to the principal.
  • Equity-Indexed Annuity
    While this type of annuity is tied to a stock market index, it does have the potential to earn higher yields while offering protection against a market decline.
  • Immediate Annuity
    Guaranteed income is earned almost immediately with this annuity contract.


More than just insurance, long-term care (LTC) includes a multitude of medical and non-medical services for those who cannot care for themselves, due to disability or chronic illness, for a long period of time. 


This insurance product can provide supplemental income if an individual cannot perform their regular employment due to a disability.