Ilkay Sepulveda
(pronounced “eel-ky”; rhymes with “sky”)

As Ilkay  often says, “it’s not about me.” But, in the case of The Lady Advisor, it truly is about her and the culmination of almost 25 years of dedicated client work in the insurance and financial services industry. After counseling hundreds of women and men and mentoring young adults, Ilkay decided, at the urging of many, to create her own organization to better serve clients in need of advice as they move through different stages of their lives; and, in particular, the needs of women.

At The Lady Advisor, Ilkay brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table and is able to help her clients pursue their long-term goals while truly providing the kind of service and attention her clients need. This client-focused approach enables Ilkay to develop the right individualized strategies for each person, household or sole proprietorship, whether they are focused on retirement planning, insurance programs or any of the multitude of services Ilkay offers to help her clients gain financial security.

Armed with an undergraduate BA in Business Studies, Ilkay continues to expand her insurance and financial acumen and currently holds a California Health/Life Insurance License. She is also engaged in professional and community-minded activities that extend beyond her financial wellness office. She is an impassioned and active member of Girls Inc, a global organization empowering young girls to grow up to be strong women; participating in a variety of programs to inspire, teach and expand minds.